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Penny Tupy is a marriage, relationship and healing coach, writer, activist and visionary who is passionate about helping people heal and transform traumatic experiences in their intimate relationships. Her specialties include infidelity, addiction, and abuse with a profound focus on the opportunities for growth and renewal within those situations.

Penny cares. She cares more deeply than she lets on most of the time, and yet that’s the first thing that hits you when you talk to her. She really cares about what matters, and doesn’t care at all about what doesn’t. The color of your skin, the gender of your partner, the flavor of your religion? Those are interesting to talk about on an intellectual level. But they’re not what really matters,

Your integrity matters. The people you love? Your personal growth and healing? They matter.

Penny blends her love of people with a sharp intellect. She’ll dissect your cherished beliefs and thought patterns, pull out the important bits, and from them help you build a new structure that you’re sure you didn’t think of yourself and yet, the solution is perfectly you. Better yet, the solution is compassionate and ethical. She studies ethics the way some of us read the funny pages when we were ten.

She knows the scripts of relationship agony. She’s been there. And she understands the dynamics of personal healing, the Journey to the Self, that is essential for creating authentic and fulfilling relationships. Penny has an uncanny ability to synthesize broad categories of information and, from that, come up with something completely new. You’ll walk away thinking, Wow. How come no one else ever told me that?

Penny began her coaching career as a volunteer for Marriage Builders, and in 2003 started her own practice with Save Your Marriage Central. She’s studied the works of Willard Harley, Michelle Weiner Davis, Steven Stosny, David Snarch, and many others, and ties it all together with the deep compassion teachings of His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Penny has been published in local media, interviewed across the country regarding Marriage Fidelity Day, and appeared on the NBC Today Show as a relationship expert.

After taking a few years off while her youngest children found their way to college and beyond, Penny is excited to begin coaching and writing again. She is delighted to be part of Marriage Advocates.

Penny and her family, along with their beloved cats and the naughty little puppy, live in a wonderful old timber frame home surrounded by trees.

To make an appointment for one on one coaching for your relationship send an email or text Penny at 651.775.8302.

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