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So You Want To Improve Your Marriage: Avoiding Common Mistakes

Couple On A Beach At Sunset

You want to improve your marriage, or are at least considering it. How do I know? Well, I assume you are reading this article for a reason. First, please know that you are not alone. Many people – both men … Continue reading

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Unrealistic Expectations: The Dysfunctional Myth of “Happily Ever After”

Bride with a Knight or Prince

Prompted by last year’s news coverage of Prince William’s marriage to Kate Middleton, I’ve decided to explicitly tackle the myth of a “Happily Ever After” that occurs after the wedding. The implicit assumption seems to be that one finds love, … Continue reading

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The Most Selfish Demand


I’ve referenced this quite often on our marriage forum, and I thought it was time to create an article specifically addressing the topic. This demand is the one someone who wishes to have a great marriage should avoid like the plague. … Continue reading

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Marriage Trouble: It’s Not the Size of the Boat; It’s How Often You Polish It

Couple on a Boat

Having marriage trouble or relationship difficulties? Is resentment rearing its ugly head? Do you want to move toward solving the problems and improving the relationship but believe your partner should start because s/he is to blame? I originally wrote this … Continue reading

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Validation & Invalidation – Part I: Invalidation


I’m going to quote Steven from on validation and invalidation: “To validate is to acknowledge and accept one’s unique identity and individuality. Invalidation, on the other hand, is to reject, ignore, or judge their feelings, and hence, their individual … Continue reading

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Trust In Relationships: It’s a paycheck, not a lottery


Trust in relationships is a powerful force. With it, everything seems clear and safe – because you have confidence that you know critical information and that you can rely on your partner. Without it, you lack confidence, because everything is … Continue reading

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