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Why Affairs Don’t Last

Infatuation Is A Drug

The intense romantic chemistry that is the hallmark of infatuation is impossible to maintain.  The research of Helen Fisher and other neuroscientists, along with the anecdotal evidence from most marriage gurus, puts the threshold of infatuation between twelve and eighteen months.  … Continue reading

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Coping With Infidelity: It Is The Fear That Paralyzes


You’ve found out that your spouse is cheating and suddenly your world is upside down. Nothing seems to be the same or work like it should. You suffer from insomnia. Your stomach is tied in knots. You are losing weight … Continue reading

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22 Ways to Avoid Cheating On Your Spouse


Cheating on your spouse doesn’t just happen by random magic. Almost all infidelity is preceded by decisions demonstrating poor boundaries around the marriage and the relationship between the spouses. These boundaries are critically important in protecting a marriage from destructive … Continue reading

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Infidelity Red Flag Guide: Is my spouse cheating?

Couple With Discord

Some betrayed spouses never suspect that their partner is cheating and get completely blindsided when the truth comes out. Oftentimes they are the proverbial “last to know.” But for a great many us, the knowledge that something is terribly wrong … Continue reading

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