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For Better Or Worse: Marriage Vows Are For The Hard Times

Married Couple

Several years ago, I wrote an article titled “So Did You Mean It When You Said,” asking if you were serious when you vowed, “For better or for worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and health,” and so forth. It remains, … Continue reading

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Save Your Marriage Central: How Making Demands Destroys Love

Couple Arm Wrestling

We all have needs: both physical and emotional. Some of these needs are met through other people, particularly in intimate relationships. We become quickly frustrated when our needs are not met. When our needs are not met for a length … Continue reading

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Breaking the Chains of Childhood Abuse

Frightened Girl Hiding Her Face

This guide is for women who were victims of childhood sexual abuse, though men will probably find it helpful, too. I began thinking about this many years ago. I belonged to another marriage recovery website and posted there for several … Continue reading

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