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Save Your Marriage Central: Love Takes Time

Love Takes Time

In the day-to-day stress of our lives, we often forget that love takes time. The alarm goes off and you hit the snooze one last time, until finally you begin the day five minutes behind schedule. At 5:45 am. In … Continue reading

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Marriage Is A Team Sport: Becoming A Team Player

Young Baseball Player Waiting on Sidelines

Are you a team player? Successfully overcoming problems in a marriage is more often than not related to the ability of both spouses to see the marriage as something bigger than either one of them, and even bigger than the … Continue reading

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So You Want To Improve Your Marriage: Avoiding Common Mistakes

Couple On A Beach At Sunset

You want to improve your marriage, or are at least considering it. How do I know? Well, I assume you are reading this article for a reason. First, please know that you are not alone. Many people – both men … Continue reading

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