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Save Your Marriage Central: The Marital Fidelity Health Check

Marital Fidelity

The Marital Fidelity Health Check is one of the classic articles from Save Your Marriage Central’s founder Penny Tupy that Marriage Advocates is very proud to feature. In this article, Penny provides a valuable tool to evaluate the health of … Continue reading

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D-Day: I Just Found Out My Spouse Is Cheating


Have you just discovered current or previous infidelity on the part of your spouse? Have you found signs that your spouse is cheating? Do you feel like your world is thrown into disarray? Is the affair all you can think about? How … Continue reading

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Coping with Infidelity: A Just Found Out Guide for Betrayed Spouses

Taking care of you

Is your spouse cheating? Have you just found out that your spouse is having an affair or has previously engaged in infidelity? Have you discovered signs that your spouse may be having an affair? If so, your world is in … Continue reading

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Anatomy of an Affair: Accidental Affairs


An accidental affair is not always a one night stand (ONS), though many ONSs are accidental in the way they take place. What I mean by accidental is that there was no real decision to cheat, no underlying marital problem … Continue reading

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Infidelity Red Flag Guide: Is my spouse cheating?

Couple With Discord

Some betrayed spouses never suspect that their partner is cheating and get completely blindsided when the truth comes out. Oftentimes they are the proverbial “last to know.” But for a great many us, the knowledge that something is terribly wrong … Continue reading

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