When I was flailing around during multiple D-Days, our first MC said that we should NOT expose...just let God take care of it.

I told then-WH that exposure would be my "ace-in-a-bucket" and he laughed, saying "ya mean 'ace-in-a-hole'?" (I discovered later that Weaver had actually said that 'exposure was the BS's ace-in-a-hole' on a post from many years before but, of course, I had been confused.)

I said, "I feel like I have a hole in my bucket"..... and when I discovered the MB discussion forums and it came to picking a screen name, that's what came to mind first.

When a newbie kept writing out the entire "Ac*_*n_B*ck*t" or some shortened it to AIB, I dropped it to just "Ace" but don't mind when it strays to Acie or Acey.

That's my story....

Why did YOU choose your screen name(s)?

We're overcoming decades of marital dysfunction including abuse, passive aggression, gas-lighting & infidelity (both of us).

Our Weird and Ongoing Story