A few years back I bought a program from Bob Proctor called "Working with the Law", which featured the book by that title by Raymond Holliwell. Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey did the program together, basically reading passages of the book and commenting/expanding on the content with their experiences.

I'm listening to Chapter 2 of their Commentary today - on the law of thinking. It follows along the concept/scripture of "As a Man Thinketh" from Proverbs and James Allen eventually wrote a short book about.

Really good stuff.

Made me 'think' today. Pun intended.

So my thoughts?

I'm considering what I'm drawn to on marriage/infidelity sites as a result. I've been so addicted to helping rescue people from the train wreck most here have experienced in their marriages, it's noticeable where my inner discord is.

I want to focus on the more positive aspects of what I want, rather than what caused me pain, or hurts my heart for others and wants to have me reaching out. There's always a never-ending amount of pain people experience. I can't stop it all or any of it, or even help someone move through it faster most days. They're in too much pain at that moment to hear it. But if I focus my attention on something more positive, when they're ready to latch onto that positivity and possibility within themselves, they'll find me.

At some point, I have to ask myself "What would I love" to be. do. or have.

And so must we all, if we want to have true change in our lives. Focus on the desired outcome with all I can give.

But isn't that the trouble? knowing what we want? what we'd love? most of us only know what we don't want. Well that's like attaching a bungee cord to the don't want wall and running as fast as we can in the other direction. The don't wants always pull us back. Knowing what I want is attaching that bungee cord to the desired outcome and letting life pull me in that direction with all my effort and focus combined with the bungee cord too.

More thoughts to come as I listen to more.

Consider that we don't have to live with the consequences of our advice in your life. Act according to what you can live with!