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Do you know about Plan A/B and what they are all about?

Yeah, I do. And I think in the real world the only Plan A that works is in a Dead Bedroom where the person implementing Plan A is the low libido spouse. Which is statistically zero in real life.

The rest is just duded-up advice most normies (who aren't immersed in marriage advice forums) would give, except it's rules and nomenclature would make most average people look at anyone explaining like they had two heads.

Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate the good grift MB has going. If people want to throw money at you, more power to you.

But marriage is about compatibility. If your spouse is cheating on you, you aren't compatible. Most average people get that.

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What I appreciate about Plan B for instance--is that if a BS can successfully disengage from the affair and do some self-nurturing, they are infinitely better off if the marriage cannot be saved.

I wouldn't call it self-nurturing. I would call it "the need to figure out what's wrong with you, because you want to stay with someone who is incompatible with you".

I was separated and had filed for divorce when I did what I called my plan B.

So you believe everyone who has an affair does not deserve a chance to repair their marriage?