When is this rare event happening? Next Month! September 24 - 25th 2011 in Anacortes, Washington (state), USA.

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Al Turtle has been my mentor for many years. I have read, breathed and well … borrowed his work – and was finally lucky enough to host a 7-week radio interview series with him, last year.

Because he is so wonderful, Al has agreed to come spend some time with us at the Center for Happiness and share his wisdom with us.

I promise that this day and a half workshop will be hugely transformative and will serve you in all the relationships in your life (your children, parents, boss, employees, friends and more) as well as with “the one” – whether you are already in it … or getting ready for it.

Unless your relationship is exactly the way you want it, I strongly suggest you book your spot and come spend this time with him.

Some of the topics Al will address:

Overview and The Map of Relationships
Safety and The Lizard (great, great stuff to know just to be a human)
Reliable Membership: Clinging and Avoiding
Diversity and how our partner (and we) always makes sense
Autonomy: Power and Passivity
Skills: Communications and Boundaries
Putting it all together… and Vintage Love!

Using his very own, Imago inspired philosophy, Al has counseled thousands of couples and helped them rekindle their love and reach the ultimate Vintage Love...

Critical Thinking: The Other National Deficit

"That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence." - Christopher Hitchens