The Notify button is available if you need a moderator to edit your post if edit time has expired, or to move, lock or rename your thread, change your screen name, or some other housekeeping task. Moderators act on these requests as quickly as possible.

While the notification process also allows members to direct attention to possible TOS violations, it is not a debate format. When you notify, please simply state the TOS violation that you believe has occurred. We ask that you word your notification respectfully and refrain from demanding that the moderators take any specific action.

Moderators do not respond to notifications explaining what will (or will not) be done, nor will they debate the merits of a notifiers assessment with him/her.

When a moderator posts a flag, the specific TOS offense is noted. If you do not agree with the action, you may formally appeal it by emailing it is your post that is flagged. The Board of Directors will review the action and get back to you. If you are not the author of the post in question, you cannot appeal the action taken on it.

Notifications are requests for moderators to measure a post against MA's TOS, not member directives to staff. Our moderators measure with diligence and care, and to the best of their collective ability.