Kilted thrower posted the following on the Ultimatum thread which was slowing down at the time in mid February. Now that posting re-started there, I thought I'd move this HERE before I forget and it gets lost in the shuffle.

As noted below, kilted_thrower posted what I'll call "an introduction" to his success story of how he and his wife (referred to as The Beautiful One) experienced what many in Divorce-Court-Land refer to as "irreconcilable differences" at best and "hate each other" at worse. There was no apparent infidelity, just a choice and a decision followed by lots of action. He chose, he decided to reclaim his marriage and he lead by example. It's a rare occurrence in the days of quickie divorces and I strongly applaud his choices and actions.

I look forward to your story on your own thread, KT. In the meantime, here's a reminder and thanks for your permission to repost this:

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I know I'm way late on this but I just wanted to tell you Ace that I had the same experience with ready to call it quits. We didn't have the issue of infidelity but The Beautiful One and I couldn't stand each other. We just so mad at each other.

When I told my son how cool it was going to be that he was going to have two houses to live in instead of just one, he broke down. That broke my heart.

So I told The Beautiful One that we weren't going to divorce, that we'd have to learn how to get along, and I would have to learn to be a better husband. For once she was kind of speechless and didn't know how to respond. I think she was more shocked at my resolve and adamant attitude to stay married. I brought the 5 Love Languages home very soon after and then found MBuilders.

It's kind of crazy to go from not wanting to be married to her to not imagining a life without her.
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Hi KT,

On the run but caught your post as I was shutting down my computer to go to work. Is it OK if I post your thoughts on the Success Story thread later? It'd be great if you tell the whole story there.


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Sure. That'd be fine

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