A man charged with killing his wife the day she filed for divorce had warned that if he couldn’t have her, nobody could, their daughter testified Tuesday.

Gabriel Robarge Pellerin said her mother, Kelly Robarge, often threatened to divorce James Robarge during arguments, but Pellerin never thought she’d do it.

Pellerin, 25, also testified Tuesday about a 2012 incident in which her father shoved her mother into a wall and Pellerin ordered him to leave. On cross-examination, she acknowledged that her mother would initiate some of the physical altercations.

When Kelly Robarge would threaten divorce during their arguments, Pellerin said, her father “said if he can’t have her, nobody can have her.”

Pellerin said her mother told her on June 27, 2013, that she was headed to court to file for divorce. Kelly Robarge disappeared that day; her badly decomposed body was found nine days later in Unity, not far from her home in Charlestown, New Hampshire...

Daughter says father made ominous threats if his wife sought a divorce

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