Suzanne Degges-White Ph.D.

If you have reached the point at which you truly believe that there is little hope that a fractured friendship or ruptured romance can be repaired, it is important to maintain your resolve and terminate the relationship for good. Bear in mind that ending a friendship that no longer works can be just as difficult and painful as ending a romantic relationship that has failed. It is important to remind yourself that while there may be aspects of the friendship you find yourself missing, toxic relationships can only be sustained for a limited amount of time before they take a significant toll on the mental and emotional well-being of one or both parties involved.

There are five points about ending even toxic friendships that research has revealed that can be considered to be Truths about (even necessary) Relationship Break-Ups.

1. Breaking up a toxic friendship/relationship is not always easy to do.

2. It can hurt when the relationship is ended. It can hurt a lot.

3. Mutual friends may be lost in the break-up.

4. You may be lonely for a while once a toxic, but familiar, relationship has ended.

5. As time passes, it will get easier and life will be better.

To help make the break-up outcome as clean as possible, you may want to follow the following seven suggestions when letting go of the relationship...

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