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New process for display name change requests

Posted By: AntigoneRisen

New process for display name change requests - 07/22/14 08:15 PM


I have been working on a long-time "to-do" item that should simplify our process for member display name requests.

Starting today, all members are able to edit your own display name when you edit your profile. Please note that the change will not immediately take effect. The change requires Administrator approval.

Please use good judgment when requesting a display name change. I think it goes without saying that we are going to reject your request if your new display name is the actual name of a celebrity, associated with someone else, is antithetical to MA's mission statement, or contains words in our auto-censor list. smile

I believe this streamlined process is necessary given our current growth and will make requests for a display name change easier on both members and the staff.

Posted By: star*fish

Re: New process for display name change requests - 07/25/14 05:18 PM

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