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Women Who Don't Orgasm - Psychology Today

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Women Who Don't Orgasm - Psychology Today - 01/30/15 03:50 PM

by Sari Cooper L.C.S.W.

I saw an older rom-com last weekend titled: ďBecause I Said SoĒ (link is external) with Diane Keaton playing a neurotic mother trying to find a partner for her youngest still single daughter. While the movie is not one of Keatonís best (hands down Annie Hall (link is external)), the moment that touched me the most (no big spoiler alert here) was when she let her daughter know that she had never experienced an orgasm.

The female orgasm is under the microscope again in the media but for different reasons. n the recent HuffPost article (link is external) by Catherine Pearson, women discussed their acceptance of not orgasming with their partners while still being able to bring themselves to orgasm through masturbation. A few women expressed the wish to stop faking having them during intercourse, and one woman said she wished her partner would try harder. It occurred to me that what wasnít fleshed out fully in the article was the anxiety and fear these women had in their partnerís reactions when they brought up the fact that they werenít orgasming. One man became enraged that his wife was faking and keeping it from him for so long and yet didnít attempt to bring her to orgasm in their subsequent sexual sessions. The other man sobbed for all the years his wife had missed out on the pleasure she could have received and at his failing to give to her.

The other point was the fact that many of these women hadnít developed enough Sex Esteemô to show their partners how they bring themselves to orgasm when they self pleasure. Sex Esteemô is my term for the confidence and ability to bring yourself the erotic pleasure and intimacy you want. While most of my clients say they feel too shy to masturbate in front of their partner or spouse after years of doing it in private and not considering it part of partner sex, it can be so helpful for women to pump up their confidence to do this if need be. Perhaps due to their upbringing and their love for their partner, the women in this article were protecting their partnerís feelings and ego when they kept the information to themselves and didnít let on that they werenít orgasming and that they wanted to put effort into figuring out how...

Women Who Don't Orgasm
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