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Does anyone remember this story?

Posted By: SmilingWife

Does anyone remember this story? - 05/19/20 01:18 PM

Jennair Gerardot, wife of Mark Gerardot murdered her husbands affair partner and then killed herself.

I watched an ID show on it. They were married 24 years when he went ahead of her to a new job in a new city. She followed many months later after their home was sold. By then he was deeply entrenched in an affair with Meredith Chapman who was also married.

Jennair figured it out quickly and then put him under major surveillance. Taped his phone, had recording devises in his jackets, gps on his car as well as the girlfriends car. They began marriage counseling, where he finally admitted the affair and that he wanted a divorce. She kept on with the tracking, started divorce coaching, bought a gun and transcribed every word of he recordings. At some point she got him to agree to basically be Plan A’d’ for some period of time. During this time she also wrote letters to her and OWs employers. (Exposure)

Anyway, several things made me think she may have been on the boards at the other place but maybe just went off the rails.
Posted By: Blair

Re: Does anyone remember this story? - 05/20/20 12:03 PM

That's painful in all ways. And the affairee (Mark) gets to write a book and profit off it. Ouch.
Posted By: SmilingWife

Re: Does anyone remember this story? - 05/20/20 09:01 PM

I know. Ugh
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