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Moderation in the Blogging Forum

Posted By: Lil

Moderation in the Blogging Forum - 10/19/13 11:01 PM

1.) No matter what the situation, please address your concerns about moderation via the appeals process or asking the admins/BoD questions via PM. We know that people become frustrated and angry...and in the spur of the moment people want answers yesterday. The public board is not the place to do that. We believe all of our members, and certainly our long-term ones, are well aware of this by now.

This will be flagged every time, regardless of the situation or person in violation. Discussion of moderator or administrator actions on this thread is expected to cease immediately.

2.) People have the right to restrict their own blog to No Comments or No Advice. Neither picking and choosing particular participants nor prohibiting only dissent are among those options. Beyond any other concern - and there are many - it is simply unwieldy for us to track and moderate.

3.) Blogs are not the venue for negative commentary and frustrations about your fellow poster(s); the Thunderdome is. We do not have an area of MA where one can criticize fellow members without rebuttal or dissent. That type of one-sided scenario is something many have experienced on other boards, and something we do not wish to see here. Thus, if you open the discussion, it is open to both sides of the discussion. It is not the job of the Admins or the Mods of this site to show favor or disfavor to any side of the discussion once it is opened.

4.) If you do not think that your post belongs on this separated thread, please send a PM to the mods or notify on it with your explanation of why you believe it doesn't belong. We're human, and separating threads is an involved process. As for inquiring about it on the thread, see #1.

5.) The rules against personal attacks and defamation apply as much to staff members as they do to any other member.

6.) Criticism about other posters or MA in general can be aired in the TD where they are subject to both rebuttal and moderation standards for that area. If the main purpose of a blog has become the disparagement and ridicule of MA and other members where they cannot respond, the offending posts will be moved to the TD and the thread locked permanently

Posts moderated under the above, will be moved and replaced with the following stock moderator warning:

Previous post has been moved to Thunderdome and is open for comment. Blogs that are used to disparage and ridicule MA and/or other members will be subject to moderation.
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